Human Rights Advocate Rabindra Ghosh physically assaulted by some unruly Advocates of Gopalgonj Bar Association 25.11.2013 in court.

Sent the day of the attack:

I, Advocate Rabindra Ghosh along with my activists Badal Bairagi and Hari Nath Das today on 25.11.2013 came to investigate the case number 09/13 ( G.R. case No.410/2013) recorded by Sheikh Mamun Ahmed at Gopalgonj Police station within Gopalgonj District implicating some innocent Minority Hindus such as 1) Sree Kalachand Saha (55), 2)Sree Dilip Kumar Saha Dipu (45), 3) Sree Uttam Saha (47), 4)Sree Chandan Saha (20), 5) Sree Badal Saha (26), 6) Sree Sujan Ghosh (21), 7) Sree Konkon Saha Partha (20) 8) Sree Palash Sikdar (32), 9) Sree Goutam Sikdar (37), 10) Sree Gour Chand Saha (48), 11) Sree Bimal Saha (55), 12) Sree Barun Saha (20), 13) Sree Gopal Sikdar (55), 14)Sree Sunil Ghosh (48), 15) Sree Ashim Sikdar (45), of Gopalgonj on 14.10.2013. As per statements made in the press conference held on 21.11.2013 by Ms. Suniti Rani Saha wife of Sree Kalachand Saha in the Press conference held on 21.11.13 said- one Muslim man- while he was trying to break Hindu deities during Durga puja and trying to assault Hindu women and children, some unidentified persons attacked Masudur Rahman Rubbet and subsequently he died. But brother of Masudur Rahman Rubbet most illegally and with intent to damage Hindu families lodged above case and rendered them homeless. Even in the court, lawyers are forbidden to appear on behalf of the Hindu victims for bail.

Police arrested most of the innocent Hindus in connection with above G.R. case Number 410/2013) and they have been sent to jail custody on 14.10.2013. Finding no other alternative Ms. Suniti Saha wife of victim Kalachand Saha filed an appeal to Bangladesh Minority Watch for their legal assistance and she also sought for our help to procure bail of her husband and innocent others. Accordingly I came to appear in the court of Mohammad Zahangir Hossain, Senior Judicial Magistrate having power from the detainee at the same court at Gopalgonj on 25.11.2013. While I was standing for bail and moved an application before the Senior Judicial Magistrate some unruly lawyers namely 1) Advocate Enamul Hoque (W), 2) Advocate Mostaque Hossain Sentu, 3) Advocate Mohammd Esaful Kabir Emon, 4) Advocate Moinul Hassan Mridha Sumon, 5) Mohammad Hafizur Rahman, 6) Advocate Pijush Kumar Chanda (mostly Advocates of powerful informant-Sheikh Mamun Ahmed-belong to Awami League) started to attack me physically, giving blow on my head and body, as a result I fell down on the ground and some Advocates rescued me from the court room further assault and injury; I was also dragged into the chamber of presiding judge Mohammad Zahingir Hossain who also witnessed the attack on me. Police was called for my protection and they brought me at police station. I accordingly made a general diary Number 1095 dated 25.11.2013 before Officer in Charge- Gopalgonj police station for taking necessary action against those perpetrators. On 15.11.2013 also I visited Gopalgonj police station to ascertain the truthfulness of murder of Rubbet but powerful informant in presence of police threatened saying “ Do you know this the home of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ? please go out from this place” I also made a general diary number -674 dated 15.11.2013 at Gopalgonj police station on this intimidation.

Thereafter I called the law enforcing authority – Deputy Commission – Cell number 01715168498 Superintendent of Police- Cell number 01713373569 Gopalgonj over phone. They also replied that the act of such attack within court room is unexpected. They also advised me to talk with the District and Sessions Judge and accordingly I met with the District Judge in the evening time at his chamber and handed over a copy of G.D. Entry made at the police station. He informed me that the attack between lawyers and lawyers, he can not intervene on the affairs of such a situation in the court room.

I also tried to communicate with Dr.Prof. Mizanur Rahman, Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission over phone, but his cell number was switched off. I also tried to communicate with the Inspector-General of Police over his cell number 0171538312, but on three occasions he did not respond my repeated call. I also tried to call the present Home Minister – Mr.Shamsul Hoque Tuku who informed me saying “ I am busy with my job I cannot take action”

On various occasion since 2002 I have been physically assaulted either by police, perpetrators and lawyers during my tenure of human rights activities. I need urgent action on this incident for my security and protection.

Note: Richard Benkin has been in touch with the House Foreign Affairs Committee about this, as well as the Congressional offices of Democrats and Republicans. Please help with your voices as well.
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