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New articles for 2017:

Why the U.S. should pay attention to Balochistan (by R Benkin)

Crossings ban won’t affect Afghanistan economically (by I Waziri)

Brexit at Bay (by R Benkin)

New articles for September and October 2016:
The unseen war: The Islamist assault on dissidents (by Z Jasser)
Everyone is talking about Bangladeshi Hindus except West Bengal (by R Benkin)
Is Uri the beginning of the end for Pakistan? (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin's interview on MyInd

New articles for July & August 2016:
Richard Benkin's address to Hindu Mahasabha of America
Leaders in Pakistan and Bangladesh allow religious radicalization to take place on their soil- Dr Richard Benkin (AT News Analysis)
West Bengal ignoring rising ISIS activity (by R Benkin)

New articles for June 2016:
Govt involvement alleged in Bangla killings (by P Yalamanchi)
Round up the usual suspects (The Economist)

New articles for January, February, March 2016:
East Meets West in the Land of Ignorance (by R Benkin)
ISIS has set up shop in India (by R Benkin)
Hindu persecution in East and West Bengal: A Failure of Hindu Leadership (by R Benkin)
Bangladesh Continues its War on Human Rights (by R Benkin)

New articles for December 2015:
World ignores Balochistan occupation (by R Avraham)

New articles for November 2015:
Is ISIS in South Asia? (by R Benkin)
Muslim Blood and Al-Aqsa (by B Tawil)

New articles for September 2015:
Exploring the power of ‘Hineinei’ within Hindu-Jewish relations (by R Benkin)
How Israel prevented ISIS from going nuclear (by M Freund)

New articles for August 2015:
Dr. Benkin's speech to Hindu Unity Conference, 2015
Dr. Benkin's speech to Hindu Jewish Dialogue, 2015
Dr. Benkin's Speech at Bob Dold's Religious Freedom Event
Re-constructing the role of Mandir critical for Hinduism in US: Dr. Richard Benkin (by N Sridhar)

New articles for July 2015:
International Affairs: Will a new India evade Pakistan’s trap? (br R Benkin)
When will there be an end to the plight of minorities in Bangladesh? (by C K Sarkar)
US Commission silent about ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin's Address to Rally for Tuktuki Mondal (Text), Chicago, July 11, 2015
Richard Benkin's Address to Rally for Tuktuki Mondal (Video), Chicago, July 11, 2015

New articles for June 2015:
RSS mouthpiece reminds PM Modi of Hindus' plight in Bangladesh (by R Bhattacharya)

New articles for May 2015:
'Black' property law still haunts Bangladesh minorities (by R Rozario and S Uttam)
Richard Benkin's written testimony to US House on Bangladeshi Hindus

New articles for April 2015:
We Must Act or Bangladesh’s Hindus will not Survive (Dr. Benkin's speech to Mandir Executives)
“Moderate” Bangladesh says human rights activist working for “interests of the Jews” (by R Benkin)

New articles for February/March 2015:
Bengal's Partition and Assam's Environmental and Cultural Catastrophe (by R Benkin)
Dr. Richard Benkin's Address to Advocates & HRDI, 21 February 2015, New Delhi
Indians call Obama 'Sanctimonious' (by R Benkin)
Dr. Richard Benkin's Address to 30,000 at Hindu Samhati rally, 14 February 2015, Kolkata
Out of Desperation, Indian Leftists Uniting? (by R Benkin)
Nations Must Repeal Blasphemy Laws (by K Swett and Z Jasser)
Two Sides of the Same Coin? (by R Benkin)
The Strategic Implications of Iran's STD Epidemic (by D Goldman)

New articles for January 2015:
How campus speech codes silence the pro-Israel community (by A Zimmern)

New articles for December 2014:
ICJ urges Bangladesh... investigation into alleged attacks on lawyer

New articles for November 2014:
Iranian Nuclear Deal Down to the Wire Again (by R Baehr)
Dr. Benkin's Address to Jagriti, Cerritos, CA, November 16, 2014
West Bengal Police persecute Bangladeshi Hindu refugee (by R Benkin)

New articles for October 2014:
Sunlight is the best Disinfectant (by R Benkin)
The Jihadi Proliferation and BAL-BNP Permissive Politics in Bangladesh (by U. Brahmachari)
Update on the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh. (by R Benkin)

New articles for August 2014:
More hypocrisy from the Obama administration (By R Benkin)

New articles for July 2014:
Muslims Turn away from Islamism (by D Pipes)

New articles for June 2014:
India's Modi carries out pledge to downsize government (by R Benkin)

New articles for May 2014:
India's New Prime Minister Bodes well for us (by R Benkin)
Chicago suburb tells feds to keep their money -- and their regulations (by R Benkin)
Muslim Illegal Immigration in India Sparks Violent Resistance (by R Benkin)
India's Impending Conservative Victory (by R Benkin)

New articles for April 2014:
Consequences promised after Bangladesh refuses entry (by R Benkin)

New articles for March 2014:
Stop the destruction of Bangladesh’s Hindus—or let them die. (Speech by Dr. Richard Benkin at Delhi University, 2/25/14)

New articles for January 2014:
Exposed: Waqf Illegally Drilling on Temple Mount (Arutz7)
Hometown Proclamations shed light on Bangladesh’s oppression of Hindus (Forum for Hindu Awakening)

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